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INTERVIEW | D’Accord,  ”African Fashion: Past, Present, and Future”

August 2012 - “Founder and creative director of online African fashion and lifestyle boutique Heritage1960 Enyinne Owunwanne is jetting in from New York to take part in the Africa Utopia fashion panel, which will be chaired by journalist, author and curator of the Africa Utopia talks and debates Hannah Pool. Hannah caught up with Enyinne for D’accord to talk fashion, Africa and social change…”

When we speak of “African Fashion”, there’s no one definition of what this truly means. Fashion, generally speaking, is purely subjective. The same goes for the notion of African Fashion. Our parents and grandparents may view “African Fashion” as the traditional dress coming from specific regions of the continent. Whereas a younger generation like ourselves, may view “African Fashion” from both the historical context of traditional wear and also the modernized interpretations that we’re seeing gracing the catwalks on the continent and overseas. Furthermore, the notion of “African Fashion” implies that African culture and tradition is similar across all countries. When the reality is, even within single countries, there exists a vast array of languages, ethnic groups, and traditional practices.  

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